Tuesday, 14 November 2017

NZ Fur Seals
New Zealand fur seals have small black eyes. They have fur, which is different to most seals because their fur is slippery.

What are their favourite fish?
NZ fur seals have 9 kinds of favourite fish. They like:    
  • PilchardNew Zealand Fur seal.FZ200 | Kekeno (Arctocephalus forsteri)… | Flickr
  • Anchovy
  • Silverside
  • Lanternfish
  • Ahuru
  • Hoki
  • Jack Mackerel
  • Yellow-eyed mullet

Are they endangered?
Yes, in 2001 there were about 200,000 left. Now there are more, but they are still endangered. They aren’t the only type of fur seals.

What colours can they be?
When NZ fur seals are pups they can be black or dark brown, but when they get older they become silver or dark brown.

What do you do if you find an NZ fur seal?
If you ever come across an NZ Fur Seal you should stay at least 20 metres away. You should also not disturb them by yelling or throwing things near them. Keep dogs or children away and don’t feed or touch them.
Do NZ Fur seals have any other names?
Yes. They have a Maori name called Kekeno, and a scientific name called Arctocephalus forsteri

Who are their predators?
NZ fur seals are prey to killer whales, sharks, male NZ sea lions, and possibly leopard seals.

How many are there?
Their population has climbed back to about 100,000 and is increasing. They started going down again, but in the 1990’s they started to come back up.

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