Friday, 10 November 2017

Book Character Dress Up Day

Red and White aka Read and Write
Celebrating: Where’s Wally’s 30th Aniversary and Dr Seuss’s 60th Anniversary

As part of Literacy Week there is a dress up day to come as your favourite book character.

Add a photo of you from the dress up day

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Add a photo of the front cover of the book your character is from

Who’s your favourite book character and why?

Diamond isn actually my favourite book character, but I read the Hetty Feather series, which is the one she’s in. They’re set in the early 1900s. She gets sold to a man that works as a clown at the circus called Beppo when she’s eight. She meets a nice lady called Madame Adeline. She runs away with Hetty Feather/Sapphire Battersea/ Emerald Star (That’s a lot of names, I know)When she get threatened to get a beating for falling down because she’s an acrobat.. In the newest Hetty Feather book, Little Stars, they become music hall artistes, and live with a dressmaker near the Cavalcade. They become popular almost immediately. They become invited to be actors in a production Alice in Wonderland by Marina Royal, Hetty Feather's new heroine.

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