Tuesday, 8 August 2017


WALT compose and create a rap about bullying
Bullying Rap  HTML 5 Drum kit background music
How did you go about achieving this?
I went well in achieving this rap with Sophie
What resources were used to help you?
Just my computer, HTML 5 Drum kit and the slip of paper
Did you go through the progress of working on you own or did you collaborate with other people?
I worked with Sophie
How did you find the process?
I found it fun but it was a bit hard.
What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap?
The creativity
What might be your next step?
Make it longer.

We looked at what is Hip Hop and the 4 elements of it. We watched some rap videos on bullying. We were given an environmental rap in groups and had to learn and perform it. We looked at how rap is composed, and wrote some rhyming couplets about school. We were given a page of rhyming words that could be used and started the process of creating a rap. We were given ideas for creating a backbeat via a website – HTML5 – Drum Kit

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